Meet Too-Tall Foyle!

Featuring vibrant illustrations, Too-Tall Foyle is a heart-warming new children's book series based on the life experiences of NBA veteran player Adonal Foyle. 

Too-Tall Foyle is a young boy who grows up on a tiny island in the Caribbean and overcomes various hardships and learns important life lessons while on a quest for an education and NBA career. The Too-Tall Foyle series is perfect for children aged from 3 to 8 years. Book 1 now available in stores: paperback, 8.5"x8.5", 24 pages color.


Book 1: Too-Tall Foyle Finds His Game

Too-Tall Foyle is having trouble finding a sport that fits his abilities and the other kids keep laughing at him. Will he give up sports entirely or finally find his game? 


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